What are some fake news sites?

Unfamiliar with a new source? If it’s on this list, then it’s most likely fake news.

Looks real, but it’s not

These ones sound like a real newspaper, but they’re not!

  • Thebostontribune.com
  • thedcgazette.com
  • Burrardstreetjournal.com
  • Christiantimes.com
  • Empireherald.com
  • Civictribune.com
  • Stgeorgegazette.com
  • Ussanews.com

These ones sound like they could be a legitimate news site, but they’re not

  • 70news.wordpress.com
  • Abcnews.com.co
  • Infowars.com (Remember Pizzagate?)
  • Yournewswire.com
  • Rilenews.com
  • Worldnewsreport.com
  • Empirenews.net
  • Politicops.com
  • Now8news.com
  • Christiantimes.com
  • Realnewsrightnow.com
  • Nationalreport.net
  • Ifyouonlynews.com
  • React365.com (this site allows users to generate fake headlines)
  • bizwiznews.com
  • w24n.com
  • Americanjournalreview.com
  • Daily-vine.com
  • NYeveningnews.com
  • Truthfeednews.com
A Story From BIZ News that was debunked by Snopes

Sites that are satire, but not everyone can tell by just a headline

  • Huzlers.com
  • Theonion.com

More sources

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