Investigating DisInformation on Facebook: Top Tools & Resources

Photo and video manipulation is one of the most common spreads of mis and disinformation, here you will find some tips and techniques on how to uncover the full picture behind them.

You may hear the word investigate and think of leading a Sherlock Homes-esque examination. Have no fear – it’s simple, straight-forward and free most of the time!


Facebook as one of the most widely used social media platforms, Facebook is an international arena for mis and disinformation spread. Though many users have good intentions, by simply pressing ‘share’ on Facebook, you can spread incorrect information to your friends, family, and even strangers.

A couple things to watch for on pages:

  • When the page was created
  • When the website domain page was created (check
  • Press on different users of the group 
    • Check group administrators’ profiles for suspicious activity
    • Be careful when opening links from unfamiliar sites
  • Cross-reference through other websites
    • Is this the only page reporting this?
  • Check the profiles of the people who like or follow this page 
  • Has the page liked by other pages/run by the same people?
  • Check related pages and linked groups
  • Read community reviews
  • Page Transparency box for manager locations

What to watch for on profiles:

  • What groups they’re a part of
  • Likes/comments
  • What content they are sharing 
  • Locations checked in/events
  • Look for relatives/family members with same surname

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