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What are some fake news sites?

Unfamiliar with a new source? If it’s on this list, then it’s most likely fake news. These ones sound like a real newspaper, but they’re not! Thebostontribune.com thedcgazette.com Burrardstreetjournal.com Christiantimes.com Empireherald.com Civictribune.com Stgeorgegazette.com Ussanews.com These ones sound like they could be a legitimate news site, but they’re not 70news.wordpress.com Abcnews.com.co Infowars.com (Remember Pizzagate?) Yournewswire.com Rilenews.com … Continue reading What are some fake news sites?

Podcast of the Week: The BS Filter

This week, Decoding Disinformation recommends “The BS Filter.” Hosted by Cameron Reilly and Ray Harris, this podcast takes news stories and does a deep dive into the facts and history behind them. Most recently, they interviewed four people on the George Floyd Protests and gathered various perspectives on what’s been happening around the world. They … Continue reading Podcast of the Week: The BS Filter

The Dangers of an Echo Chamber

Have you ever joined a Facebook group where everyone had the same beliefs and opinions as you? It could be about anything, politics, religion or even vaccinations. It feels good to have people agreeing with you, but there is also a danger here. The problem with being in an echo chamber is that members start … Continue reading The Dangers of an Echo Chamber

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